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14-12-2012, 10:32 am

Here you find all information about the different walks that we offer.

  • Historical walk

    16 February 2014, 2:11 pmSlides, Walks

    The magnificent Town Hall in the centre of Gouda is world-famous. To this day, this monument is the heart of the town. However, Gouda has more to offer! The historic and compact town centre has more than 300 monumental buildings. Most of the streets in the town centre remain unchanged since ... Lees Verder

  • Erasmus walk

    16 February 2014, 1:14 pmSlides, Walks

    During this themed walk, you will follow in the footsteps of Erasmus in Gouda. It is surprising how many reminders of him from between the 15th and the 21st century remain in Gouda. “Erasmus, child of Gouda”. So is the great humanist affectionately named in our town. And he was in reality ... Lees Verder

  • Gouda's Waterways

    15 February 2014, 11:34 amSlides, Walks

    The history of Gouda is linked to two rivers, the Hollandse IJssel and the river Gouwe. These rivers made the town rich but they also caused some problems. During this walk which includes locks and canals, you can learn about Gouda’s famous past. Your guide will also take you to some unique ... Lees Verder

  • Combinations of walks

    28 November 2013, 6:35 pmWalks

    As well as themed walks through the town, GGG can offer excursions in combination with other cultural organizations. You can choose from combined walks where, subject to a small extra charge, you do a town walk lasting 90 minutes and also visit the Gouda Museum or St Johns Church or the Town ... Lees Verder