Gouda City Walking Tours for Individuals

22-06-2013, 11:34 am

Cheese market

Kaasmarkt Gouda 1 kl

When you say GOUDA, you say CHEESE! In 2019 the first cheese markt will already start on Thursday, April 4th and runs until the last Thursday of August (29). The cheese market is held on the main square in Gouda on Thursday morning from 10h00 untill 12h30.

Every Thursday from April 4th, the Gouda City Guides Guild offers city walks for individuals or small groups, during which you can become acquainted with Gouda’s rich past. The city walks start each Thursday at 13:00 hours at the Gouda Waag building at the Gouda Market Square, with the exeption of May 30th.

Tickets cost 4,- Euro per person (children until 12 years are for free) and can be bought at the Gouda Tourist Office (at the Waag building) or via our online reservation system (3,50 Euro). For more information you can email us.

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