Tour operators

19-03-2013, 10:04 pm

 Tour operators, travel agents and cruise companies

We can cater for large groups of tourists visiting Gouda by coach or cruise ships. You can make a direct booking for a guided tour of Gouda by filling in the bookings form on this website or by emailing us, We would prefer it if you used the online reservation system, which you enter by the button “book now” in the reservation section.

Where do the guided walks in Gouda start from?

A guided walk can start and end in one of the car parks around Gouda where busses are also allowed to park. The guide will collect the group from the car park. For current information, click here: Route_touringcars_2017_Engels

Another possibility is that the driver sets down his passengers on the Sint Jansbrug (situated at the end of the Oosthaven nearest to the market place).  It is not allowed to park there. This bridge is only 100 meters from the market place, St Johns Church and the Museum of Gouda.

Boat passengers can begin a walk from the landing place on the river IJssel or from any recognised mooring place along the waterways of Gouda.

It is possible to combine a guided tour of Gouda with a visit to the Town Hall on the market place, to the Museum, or to St Johns Church.

Groups with special needs

  • We take into account people who are less mobile, and also wheelchair users.
  • People with other limitations can learn from us what the possibilities are.
  • The walks can be conducted in English, French or German. On request, walks can also be conducted in Spanish en Italian.


  • As a commercial customer, you pay the standard charge of € 75,- per guide for a town walk lasting 90 minutes ( maximum of 20 people per guide ). Prices are increased by 10% on Sundays and Public Holidays.
  • It is possible to extend the duration of a walk to 2 hours. This costs € 100,- per guide ( 10% extra on Sundays and official holidays).

River cruises:

Boats coming to Gouda can offer a guided tour of Gouda to their passengers starting from their mooring place.

The possibilities include:

  • Booking in advance using the form on the website or by contacting us by phone ( see information above) .
  • Alternatively a provisional booking can be made and the passengers decide on the day if they want to go on a guided walk. The guide would be at the landing place at the agreed time. This would cost €5,- per person.